There are numerous reasons and let us list some of them here:

Our ACCR software is not based on an SDK or open-source OCR solution. It is built from scratch, written in C and C++ and, based on a very simple concept: Image in – Result out.

Once our OCR engine is added to your software project you will get instant and guaranteed results, and you can focus on more important tasks like business workflows and optimizing business processes.

The importance of a well-performing OCR engine, not least when used on a handheld device, is massive. The ConPDS OCR (ACCR) engine performs fast and accurately. This is simply because it is created for the sole purpose of recognizing container codes. We believe that a single-purpose OCR engine outperforms a multipurpose OCR engine on many parameters. Here is why:

  • A limited character set. Our ACCR engine only looks for the characters and fonts that a container code can contain. This means higher accuracy and faster processing.
  • Tailored image processing. To achieve high accuracy at bad conditions (low light/visibility, varying perspectives & distances, etc.), an OCR engine requires great image processing. Because our solution is built for a single purpose only, image processing has been tailored accordingly.
  • Continuous training. We constantly improve the performance of our ACCR engine, by training it with new instances of container codes (different/mixed formatting, horizontal/vertical reading combinations, codes on rugged container surface, etc.). Similarly, the ACCR Engine is trained with new instances of images taken in challenging conditions. This way, you are assured that our ACCR engine will continue to outperform other OCR solutions.
  • Because of the above, our ACCR engine can recognize characters as small as 14×14 pixels (optimal is 20x20px or 40x40px), meaning that container codes can be recognized from a distance, even if the container is stacked several layers high.
  • Horizontal and vertical text recognition. The ConPDS ACCR engine recognizes both 1 and 2-line horizontal container numbers, as well as vertical container numbers.
  • For BIC Container Codes (ISO 6346) the ACCR engine also does the recognition of ISO Size and Types.