We differentiate between two different licenses: a) OS License and b) Runtime License. Here are a few examples:

Example 1

The customer requires the OCR Engine for both the Android and iOS Operating Systems and it will be used on 90 devices.

I this case 2 x “Get Started” License packages (one for Android and one for iOS) are required. 

This includes 2 x OS Licenses and  2 x 50 Runtime Licenses, 100 Runtime Licenses in total. The Runtime Licenses can be combined into one mixed pool, which can be shared between Android and iOS devices.

Example 2

The customer requires the OCR Engine for Windows Operating System and 10 stationary cameras.

Here the customer should purchase one “Get Started” License package which includes an OS License for Windows and Runtime Licenses for up to 50 cameras. A Runtime License is required per camera.

Example 3

The customer requires the OCR Engine for Android and 3000 devices.

Here the best option will be that the customer purchases 1 x “Site License” License package, which includes one OS License for Android and an unlimited number of Runtime Licenses.

A "Site License" must only be used within a single organization and/or its subsidiaries. The "Site License" cannot be used to embed in a software solution that are sold and used by others outside the organization.

If you have special scenarios or requirements feel free to contact us. We are flexible!