Every Linux distro is slightly different. This guide will cover the basics and show you how to install and configure ConPDS Tracker.

Download and install

First execute the below commands, which download the ConPDS Tracker for x86_64 architecture. 

sudo su -

wget -O ConPDS_Server_Tracker.AppImage https://download.conpds.com/Trackerx86_64
chmod +x ConPDS_Server_Tracker.AppImage
mkdir /var/opt/ConPDS_Tracker/
chmod 777 /var/opt/ConPDS_Tracker/
mv ConPDS_Server_Tracker.AppImage /var/opt/ConPDS_Tracker/
cd /var/opt/ConPDS_Tracker/

For ARM processor architecture, replace with these links:

ARM 32

wget -O ConPDS_Server_Tracker.AppImage https://download.conpds.com/TrackerArm32

ARM 64

wget -O ConPDS_Server_Tracker.AppImage https://download.conpds.com/TrackerArm64

Set your configuration

Next, you need to create a config.json file that includes some specifics related to your installation:

The content of the config.json file:

  "db": {
    "engine": "sqlite",
    "path": "/var/opt/ConPDS_Tracker/db/database.db"
  "secretKey": "3O!J81kNrK4MRuRRv&t0pLo8YfRIIUhY7Z3C7E0^B2pTRhViSAQ7o!F6ZUhQfHJC73FtKcH*b&V@$wp$BV8Ry!bspYHQLJSN8Km#IQs%Ol4w#K9Ol!AUtSosz%8W3DnTJV17TO15@EM!WaLOSBa0A0qdEJt1%^JyCHaPWANcPekmdQLgZDjg^zmYqyxU@3g74mvMLFB&mjApZm#A2o2JzQvlu9Js7o0x7Z99e7oeTo#CMFhBWp39!%jKN1%wpGZS",
  "serverStorage": "/var/opt/ConPDS_Tracker/results/",
  "rootUser": {
    "username": "admin",
    "password": "P23$WorD"

You should generate a unique "secretKey", which should be min. 256 characters long.

Specify "username" and "password" as preferred. The password needs to be a minimum of 8 characters long and consist of a minimum of 2 upper-case characters, 2 digits, and one special character.

Launch the software

Once the config.json file is in place, you can launch the ConPDS Tracker server:

./ConPDS_Server_Tracker.AppImage --appimage-extract-and-run