Release Notes

Download links:

wget -O ConPDS_Server_Tracker.AppImage

wget -O ConPDS_Server_Tracker.AppImage

wget -O ConPDS_Server_Tracker.AppImage

Version 0.100

  • Added limit for preview, now if extension is bigger then 1080р, server will decease it
  • Improved stability of decoder

Version 0.99

  • Fixed empty fields in camera configuration
  • Fixed ConPDS Checker Integration
  • Improved synchronisation when logging into client

Version 0.98

  • Fixed manual licensing
  • Support for download from one file

Version 0.96

  • Added fix for engine
  • Updated model of detector to version 3
  • Added auto saving of keys for manual licenses generation

Version 0.94

  • Turned off optimisation for preview

Version 0.93

  • Fixed problems in UI
  • Added the possibility to edit multiple days in scheduler. (Ctrl + click) on day name selects/unselects selection, double click on day unselects all selections
  • Added button for cleaning filter/search

Version 0.92

  • Fixed platform in license

Version 0.91

  • Added scheduler
  • Improved vertical container code recognition
  • Fixed wrong code recognition (when horizontal container code was recognised, but it's vertical code there)

Version 0.89

  • Fixed ocr processing bug introduced in 0.88
  • Added tag if checksum not 0
  • Improved confidence for NV12
  • Fixed crash if pixel format is not supported
  • Fixed date in history

  • Fixed pageUp/pageDown

  • Added preview not only for small icon

Version 0.87

  • Added Option to do PgUp and PgDown to move up and down results history
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved confidence for YUV420 Pixel Format
  • Added time stamp to the header of the image preview window

Version 0.86

  • Support of coloured codes

Version 0.85

  • Added BIC owner to MQTT payload
  • Fixed exclude areas
  • Added ignoring of not BIC codes
  • Fixed editing of ROI
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Added history loading
  • Added filter of results
  • Added search of results
  • Added code to preview dialog

Version 0.84

  • New UI
  • Groups logic
  • Added page refresh on a new version

Version 0.83

  • Fixed OCR cut-out result. Cropped too much.
  • Fixed missing MQTT topic on cloned camera
  • Fixed missed results when only OCR is enabled
  • Fixed removing of old license

Version 0.82

  • Fixed crash when a container is not found, and the result is missing.
  • Potential fix of memory leak.

Version 0.81

  • Fixed launch on Windows Server
  • Fixed editing of ROI
  • Improved performance of cameras where all features are disabled

Version 0.80

  • Fixed reconnecting to MQTT broker in case it was unavailable
  • Disabled GPU support in OCR engine for now (because of conflict of cuda implementation with the container detector)

Version 0.79

  • Fixed duplicated results
  • Improved symbols recognition (by adding contrast)
  • Fixed GPU support

Version 0.78

  • Fixed duplicates in csv CSV
  • Fixed duplicates in Web
  • Improved filter for noice in OCR Engine

Version 0.77

  • Potential fix for duplicated results
  • Improved "Ignore noise after processing"
  • Improved stability of web client

Version 0.76

  • Fixed missed and wrong results

Version 0.74

  • Fixed camera freezing

Version 0.73

  • Fixed camera disconnecting
  • Added ROI optimization

Version 0.72

  • Added the possibility to add exclusion areas. Option Exclude areas will be available only if Container Detection is enabled. In other cases, it's not needed.

Version 0.71

  • Added possibility to delete old license
  • Fixed Corrupted license.lic

Version 0.70

  • Fixed get_frame and do_ocr

Version 0.69

  • Added fix for get_frame_image_data without relation to configuration of checker
  • Added support of new model for auto licensing
  • Added support of new model for manual licensing

Version 0.67

  • Added possibility to choose camera features (enable/disable motion, container detector and OCR)
  • Added support for new model get_frame
  • Added Recognition width, to be able to detect containers close or distant.
  • Improved MQTT logging

Version 0.66

  • Potential fix for an issue with memory
  • Potential fix for an issue with rendering

Version 0.65

  • Improved model of detector
  • Added support of NMS for improving results of the detector
  • Partly fixed issue with long and short containers
  • Added limit for frames amount
  • Added delay for frames reading
  • Added sending results MQTT topic to the camera even if it is in a camera group
  • Fixed issue with memory
  • Fixed MQTT topic for groups

Version 0.63

  • Improved motion detection model
  • Improved container detector model
  • Added copy camera
  • Fixed issue where the version MQTT topic was updated incorrectly
  • Fixed memory issue
  • Fixed stuck bounding box issue
  • Fixed issue with publishing results MQTT if cameras were in a camera group.

Version 0.61

  • Added copy camera functionality
  • Added Custom Checker Server

Version 0.60

  • Added MQTT topic "results" msq.payload to output "UNKNOWN0000" in case of no OCR recognition
  • Added support for Container Detection
  • Added support for Motion Detection
  • Added painting of dynamic ROI
  • Added handling for Unknown results
  • Added support of get_frame (msg.payload should be container code)
  • Added support of arm 64 and arm 32
  • Added filter for the size of the object for recognition
  • Improved displaying of bounding box
  • Fixed ROI
  • Fixed motion detection sensitive
  • Fixed DepotMaster API url
  • Fixed camera heartbeat_timestamp
  • Fixed issue with MQTT parser
  • Fixed disconnecting of camera on error
  • Fixed cropped image of result
  • Removed drawing ROI in camera FOV
  • Improved detector model

Version 0.59

  • Fixed MQTT parser
  • Added new "get_frame" MQTT topic

Version 0.58

  • Fixed DepotMaster API URL

Version 0.57

  • Fixed issue where CSV files were not updated if the camera was in a Camera Group

Version 0.56

  • Fixed issue where MQTT topics "uptime" were not updated correctly

Version 0.55

  • Fixed crash
  • Added DepotMaster server

Version 0.53

  • Fixed an issue where some streams didn't show a preview

Version 0.52

  • Fixed connection to camera (h.265)
  • Fixed OpenCL

Version 0.51

  • Fixed launch on windows without cuda

Version 0.50

  • Fixed issue with "do_ocr" MQTT topic

Version 0.49

  • Fixed stability of streams

Version 0.48

  • Fixed Session Timeout logic
  • Fixed library name on Windows

Version 0.47

  • Added support for Tinker Edge R board

Version 0.46

  • Fixed update license

Version 0.45

  • Fixed license

Version 0.44

  • Improved stability for OpenCL and Cuda
  • Fixed hidden groups (MQTT)
  • Fixed license renewal issue
  • Added retained to next topics: version, uptime, heartbeat_timestamp, configured_cameras and connected_cameras

Version 0.42

  • Fixed square slideshow
  • Fixed some crashes (not yet on Nano boards)

Version 0.41

  • Added showing camera stream as a slideshow instead of a live stream.
  • Added option to not include image binaries in the MQTT message.
  • Fixed Linux install script, where service started a few seconds after stopping.
  • Fixed Camera Group result output
  • Fixed Tracker server Online/Offline MQTT topic
  • Fixed MQTT messages from non-existing Camera Groups.
  • Fixes issue where the app crashed when connecting to H.265 stream.

Version 0.40

  • Added GPU processing for Image pre-processing and segmentation (Supports Cuda and OpenCL)

Version 0.37

  • Added option for rotating image to 180 degrees
  • Fixed mqtt Azena topic
  • Added buffers sync (should improve delay for stream)

Version 0.36

  • Potential stream fixes (will work if the camera encodes video with h264. Otherwise, a transcoder will be used.HLS needs h264)

Version 0.35:

  • Fixed do_ocr
  • Fixed OCR rotation
  • Added fixes to stream encoding

Version 0.34:

  • Fixed problems with stream
  • Fixed MQTT LWT topic
  • Fixed version sending in MQTT topic
  • Fixed Server id not unique issue

  • Fixed Camera uptime MQTT topic

  • Added (M) to result in client which is result of manual request of MQTT

  • Added option QOS to Gateway form, default value is 1

Version 0.33:

  • Fixed frozen stream
  • Fixed timeouts
  • Added displaying of backtrace on crash (Linux)

version 0.32:

  • Fixed Windows installer
  • Fixed MQTT messages
  • Decreased video stream delay to 3-4 seconds

Version 0.31:

  • Fixed stream delay
  • Fixed empty message during install

Version 0.30:

  • Added manual licensing
  • Added installing AppImage on Linux as a service

Version 0.29:

  • Fixed MQTT topics
  • Fixed ocr_success
  • Fixed ConPDS Checker integration

Version 0.26:

  • Fixed do_ocr
  • Decreased size of Checker ID
  • Fixed file name in Checker
  • Added ocr_success to Checker
  • Added reconnection to camera after camera editing
  • Added automatic name to CVS gateway
  • Removed the possibility to edit name for CSV gateway
  • Fixed mixup in Camera connection
  • Updated LWT message
  • Added missed topics for  MQTT
  • Fixed group results
  • Improved work with SQLite

Version 0.25:

  • Fixed delay between OCR result and video stream
  • Added Last Will Testament to MQTT
  • Added Reconnecting status to MQTT
  • Fixed reconnecting streams after disconnecting

Version 0.24:

  • Fixed connection to mqtt on server start
  • Fixed stream issues

Version 0.22:

  • Fixed crash on Windows
  • Added skipping configuration on server update
  • Added Checker Integration

Version 0.20:

  • Fixed decoding Asus Tinker Board
  • Added errors topic
  • Added OCR to MQTT message
  • Fixed crash on site(stream could be freezed by it)

Version 0.19:

  • Added fixes to stream
  • Added fixes to Rockchip MPP
  • Improved performance on all platforms
  • Added support of Rockchip MPP(hardware decoder for ARM 32)
  • Added support of Nvidia Jetson Nano HW Decoder(Nvidia Jetson Nano 2G also should work)
  • List of supported Rockchip MPP: RK29XX RK30XX RK31XX RK3288 RK3368 RK3399 RK3228 RK3229 RK3228H RK3328 RV1108 RV1107

Version 0.18:

  • Added "iso_size_type" in JSON output
  • Fixed CSV mode
  • Added "Include Image Binaries in MQTT payload" to Mqtt
  • Added MQTT topic to camera dialog
  • Changed MQTT topic to "ConPDS/ocr/{server_guid}/

Version 0.17:

  • Added new UI for groups
  • Improved HLS stream
  • Fixed license saving
  • Added experimental support for AMD GPU