ConPDS OCR engine supports license activation for both Internet (online) and non-Internet (offline) connected devices.

Online activation (Internet-connected activation)

For online activation, there should be access to the ConPDS licensing server ( via the Internet (TCP port 443). Once a license is issued and activated, there is no longer a requirement for connection to the Internet unless a new API or License key has to be applied or a Trial License has expired and needs reactivation.

Offline activation (Non-Internet connected activation)

Send an email to and request login to the ConPDS licensing server. 

Once granted access, you can log in to and download "Server.key" which is found in the drop-down in the upper right corner. 

Put the "Server.key" file inside the same folder as your executable file (*.exe)

Run recognition. If no internet connection, the library will create "manualRequest" file inside the same folder as your executable file. 

Log in to with username/password select "License request" in the left side panel. Click the "Manual request" link, upload the license request file and click "Create" and then an offline "License" file is generated. 

Put this "License" file into the same folder as your executable file (*.exe). The device is licensed and can start recognition.

In case of any questions to the above-described procedure, always feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you promptly.